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The reason roofing was halted at The Arbors in 2008-2009?: People state they got sick from the tar fumes with nose/mouth sores, burning eyes, headaches & nausea with vomiting, twitching & bruised lungs, & serious asthma symptoms from constant toxic fumes. Also, see the petition from two years ago for additional people stating their symptoms.

Who’s at risk?: Everyone—especially Children, the elderly, pregnant women, people with special health needs.

Possible symptoms within minutes of breathing fumes: Difficulty breathing, wheezing, headaches, nausea, dizziness.

Within days or months: New onset asthma, nausea with vomiting, possible heart problems, coughing fits, asthma attacks.

In the long term: Lung & other cancers.

Does the Government know? Yes! The US EPA, concerned for our health, contracted a tar roofing report for Arbors Residents. The Air Quality District (SAQMD), and Senator Steinberg’s office worked with The Arbors to get them to switch to The TPO “Cool” Roofs. SAQMD has Strongly Warned The Arbors NOT TO USE HOT TAR ON OUR ROOFS because when we complain they will be cited and taken to court. The Arbors know this and have decided to use tar anyway.

Once they tar a roof & enough people call the complaint line, AQMD can stop the tar here completely!

Then what can the Arbors use instead? Alternatives to Asphalt: TPO “Cool” roofs, Duralast®, Cold applied membranes, living roofs, & metal roofs.

Their claims that TPO is inferior: According to the Building Inspector on the “Cool” roofs applied here last Spring, TPO is an excellent product & would work well on our roofs. About The Arbors claim that TPO caused air bubbles with mold—he stated that “as long as the roofing area was prepared right and the roofers closed the seams correctly there should be no air pockets and no way for mold to grow between the roof and the membrane”.

In Fact: TPO has a long history of success, 20 year warranty, cools the roofs in the summer, and would save you money on energy bills.

Does the Media know? Yes! This story has gone Nationwide in People Magazine, Lifetime Television, andCare2. Locally in the Antelope News and the Sacramento News & Review Channel 3 News (KCRA)