Our Story

Welcome to the Official page for the “No More Tar Roofs” Campaign. This is a community based campaign started in 2008 by Shelby Rodriguez to stop the massive three-year tar roofing project at The Arbors in Antelope, California.  The goal of this campaign is to influence a change to a safer roofing method that does not produce harmful fumes, such as the TPO “Cool” Roofing systems already in use all over the world. In the future, the goal is to influence restrictions on the use of asphalt roofing tar in residential areas, hospitals, businesses, and on or near schools.

In April of 2010, The Carmel Partners decided to halt the re-roofing project after myself, my husband, and other volunteers notified residents about “What The Arbors Didn’t Tell You About Roofing Tar”. The people who live here fought back and proved that there is strength in numbers. I am so proud of my community for sticking up for themselves.

People need to know the truth. Asphalt fumes are not “safe”. Find out about asphalt roofing tar symptoms, and that the Public Nuisance Law can protect you and your family. You can also learn about cost effective, environmentally friendly roofing alternativesthat can be promoted instead of outdated and toxic hot tar roofing.

I will provide links to resources throughout the website. To view a link, click on the underlined words. (Usually they are colored light green)